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Export to 20+ countries, mostly on the Pacific Rim.
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Sourcing of a broad variety of products

The markets of the U.S. are open to you. Import a variety of popular U.S. products, including packaged retail consumer goods, foods in food service and bulk quantities, agricultural items (e.g., dried beans, peas and lentils), ingredients for the manufacture of food products, wine, beer and liquor, and health and beauty care products.

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A variety of solutions, ensuring value and quality in every step of the import process.

Some of our key services are: in-house freight forwarding, consolidation of mixed loads of products into one or more containers and through shipment and delivery to our client’s home ports. In addition we sell our own private-label merchandise and can provide various forms of interim financing for purchases.

Order Consolidation.

We are experts at consolidating your multiple item order into a single container. Order two, ten, a hundred different items and our traders can create a consolidated container load shipment that maximizes weight/ cube and minimizes shipping costs. This allows you to buy multiple items in smaller quantities.

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A twist on the standard export model.


We assume your risk as we pay your invoices and then take responsibility for selling your products internationally. We handle many of the “boots on the ground” tasks in the country that imports your goods.