From sourcing through shipment and delivery to your home port,  Global Exporter gives you full, no hassle, turnkey service for all your importing and exporting needs. We Make It Easy!

Sourcing of a broad variety of products

Our products include packaged retail consumer goods, foods in food service and bulk quantities, agricultural items (e.g., dried beans, peas and lentils), ingredients for the manufacture of food products, wine, beer and liquor, and health and beauty care products. See our full product list [link to products page].

Additionally,  we sell our own private-label merchandise and can provide various forms of interim financing for purchases. Contact us to learn more.

For all products, we use our in-house freight forwarding for a streamlined transfer of products from the manufacturer to the final point of distribution.

Order Consolidation

We do not want to limit the size or variety of your order. That’s why we’ve become experts at consolidating your multiple item order into a single container. Order two, ten, a hundred different items and our traders can create a consolidated container load shipment that maximizes weight/cube and minimizes shipping costs. This allows you to buy multiple items in smaller quantities and allows you to receive products from multiple manufacturers. Plus, you will have the advantage of increasing your inventory turnover thus reducing expiration date issues.

Our experienced warehouse crews load the container to eliminate damage in transit and our packing lists document the container’s contents. You receive one invoice from Global Exporter along with the required customs documentation.

Multiple orders, multiple manufacturers, and one simple solution.  


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Export Services

Are you a U.S. company looking to export your products? We offer export management services. We assume your risk as we pay your invoices and then take responsibility for selling your products internationally.

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