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Global Merchandising partners with top U.S. brands to export Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and agricultural products to the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Central America, and the Caribbean. We bring decades of experience to this industry as an export leader since 1945, building a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company with direct access to numerous national brands. International products are trusted for their quality and strict adherence to government standards, which is why we stand behind each of our shipments. We strive to develop long-term partnerships with international suppliers and global buyers ‒ facilitating win-win transactions every step of the way.

For our buyers, we consolidate many brands into the same container. This allows us to bring you multiple products in an affordable, convenient way. Our services include mixed load consolidation, documentation, shipment and delivery to our clients’ home ports. Additionally, as an Export Management Company (EMC), we help small to mid-sized international businesses grow their export sales without the hassle, risk, and cost of setting up an expensive international sales and export department.

We know that we only succeed when you succeed. For nearly 80 years, we have been committed to achieving this win-win combination, and it remains our focus in every transaction. From flexible shipment sizes to long-lasting partnerships, explore the benefits of working with Global Merchandising.

  • Direct access to leading U.S. and worldwide brands
  • Flexible shipment sizes customized to your needs
  • Trustworthy and reliable export services
  • Long-lasting partnerships built on years of industry experience
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Global Merchandising
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Our History

Founded in 1945 under the names Mark Ross International, Ltd. and Global Merchandising Corp., Global Merchandising, now headquartered in San Francisco, is proud of the critical role we play in promoting trade between the United States and global customers. We began working with small, mid-sized, and larger international companies to export their domestically-sold products overseas.

From its earliest days, Global Merchandising has been family owned and operated. Today, the second generation of owners is at the helm, priding ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships. This commitment has contributed to our stable and well-capitalized growth over the years. We are now one of the most trusted and reliable international trading companies, serving clients with efficiency, transparency, and speed.

Company Leadership

James Connell, president of Global Merchandising

James Connell

Yelina Wang, Vice President at Global Merchandising

Yelina Wang

Vice President

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