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Global Merchandising offers you a wide variety of solutions to ensure value and quality through every step of the export process. We provide various forms of interim financing for purchases, and cater to both buyers and suppliers interested in transacting with high-quality international products, including:

  • Snack foods
  • Beverages

  • Confectionaries & Baked Goods

  • Grocery Staples

  • Frozen & Refrigerated Products

  • Pulses & Ingredients

  • Health & Beauty Care

  • Household & Laundry

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Top International Brands

Since 1945, we have developed long-standing relationships honed over many decades with manufacturers of famous name brands. Depending on the brands, we are authorized to distribute in select markets. We also work with innovative newer brands to build sustainable long-term partnerships. Whether on the buyer or supplier side, you can trust Global Merchandising to help you navigate every step of the export process for a seamless experience involving quality internationally-made goods.

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