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If you are a company looking to export your products, Global Merchandising is at your service. Our targeted export management services make it easy for you to expand the global market for your products.

International export is a complex process that can be daunting. Global Merchandising is your international sales partner. Our export business takes title to your products for our customers and introduces these products to untapped markets. We assume your risk as we pay your invoices and take responsibility for selling your products internationally. If you are interested in exporting from international countries., get in touch with our experienced trading company built on nearly 80 years of selling products overseas.

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Can you help navigate the legal requirements if I decide to sell internationally?2023-10-20T11:49:45-07:00

Absolutely. We know there are many legal requirements that must be filled before goods can be exported. Even more daunting are the legal requirements that must be met before a foreign country will allow internationally-manufactured products to enter their country. We navigate these requirements and regulations for you to export your products to the international consumer seamlessly.

How can you lower my risk as a supplier?2023-10-20T11:50:53-07:00

We take away your risk by paying your invoices in full and take responsibility for promoting your products internationally. We handle many of the “boots on the ground” tasks in the countries that import your goods. This allows you to expand the global reach of your products in a low-risk, hassle-free way.

Which countries do you export to?2023-10-20T11:51:41-07:00

We export top international brands to 40+ countries in the Pacific Rim, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

What types of brands do you export?2023-10-20T11:52:25-07:00

We primarily export international brands including food products, pet products, and household goods. We also export brands that offer cleaning supplies, soap and other household products made internationally. Some of the brands we work with include General Mills, Arm & Hammer, Frito Lay, Dial, Nestle, Campbell’s, Planters and Progresso.

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Global Merchandising consolidation service has helped us grow our sales volume and margins without the need to buy full container loads. They assemble the whole container holding multiple SKUs, maximize the weight and cube, and allow us to build a 40’ shopping cart. This is a valuable service to us.”
Consolidation Service, Philippines

“Global Merchandising Corp. has a very dedicated team who can meet our complex documentation and stickering requirements. They stand behind each order from beginning to finish and support us the entire journey.”

Documentation Service, Thailand
In the 10 years we’ve worked with Global Merchandising they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure our products meet the pre-shipment inspection as required by Indonesia. Our container was always fitted to the maximum capacity. Even during the pandemic, they delivered our orders with such a high standard of service.”
Inspection Service, Indonesia
Global Merchandising Corp. is the only exporter of US origin groceries we’ve encountered who is willing and knows how to negotiate letter of credit from Bangladesh. Their knowledge and expertise in this industry contributes to our long-term partnership and ongoing success.”
LC Service, Bangladesh
We import beans from Global Merchandising for use in manufacturing various canned products we produce. We depend on the years of experience Global Merchandising pulse traders have. Knowing that their knowledge of pulse products is behind every shipment gives us confidence in the beans we import through them. We are longtime customers of Global because we trust them to stand behind the products, they export to us.”
Quality Control, Central America

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